Dress Code

Tennis Dress Code

Members, guests and children should always wear proper tennis attire and shoes when entering the tennis pavilion, surrounding deck and using the tennis courts. All clothing must be tennis attire by design. (Example: cotton t-shirts, basketball shorts, baseball hats or workout shirts are not acceptable.) Acceptable hats should only be worn in the traditional manner, bill forward.  Running shoes, golf shoes and other non-court shoes are not allowed, especially because they can damage the courts. Ladies must wear tennis dresses or tennis skirts. Ladies shirts should be long enough to not expose their mid-drift during play. Denim, short shorts, cutoffs, cargo shorts, cropped tops, tank tops/sleeveless tops (males) and bathing suits are specifically not allowed on the tennis courts.

Junior Tennis Dress Code

Huntingdon Valley Country Club allows colored tops and colored bottoms. In addition, junior boys will be allowed to wear collarless shirts. However, all clothing must be manufactured by a tennis apparel clothing manufacturer and designed for actual play cotton t-shirts are not allowed. As usual, please dress neatly. No denim, cut-offs, cargo shorts, short-shorts, basketball shorts, baseball hats or T-shirts or shirts without sleeves (junior boys) are permitted. Girls must wear tennis dresses or tennis skirts and shirts that can be tucked in. No cropped tops or short shorts are allowed. Hats are to be worn facing forward and should be removed when indoors. Tennis sneakers are appropriate for footwear.

Platform Tennis Dress code

Platform Tennis attire is more casual than tennis attire. Acceptable attire: warm-up suits, slacks, tennis or athletic shorts, sweat pants, sweat shirts and other outdoor athletic wear. (Denim materials of any type or color are not acceptable.) Rubber-soled tennis-type shoes must be worn on the courts at all times to preserve the surface; avoid jogging sneakers or boots for safety. At no time are bare feet allowed on the platform tennis courts. 

Squash Dress Code

Non-marking court shoes and protective eye gear must be worn at all times inside the squash courts. Clothing must be tidy and designed for racquet sports. Children under the age of 12 must be supervised at all times by a parent or adult guardian.

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