~Cell Phone Policy~
Cell phones must be in a silent mode when on Club property.  Cell phone use must be conducted in private and can in no way interfere with or hinder the enjoyment of the Club and its activities, including their use on the golf course, by any member or guest.  At no times are cell phones to be used in any dining room or in an occupied meeting room, unless the room is being utilized for a private function and cell phone use is permitted by the host of such function.  Cell phone use is not permitted on the tennis courts at anytime.  Audible pagers are prohibited on Club property.

~Dress Code Policy~
Members and their guests should be suitably attired when in the Clubhouse.  Both casual and more formal attire is appropriate for most dining.  Certain events require male Members, male guests and male children, 16 and older, to wear a jacket, tie optional.  Children should be dressed comparably to their parents.  Members or guests not suitably attired may be refused service and asked to change clothing prior to being served.

Jeans, or clothing of jean-like material, are not considered suitable attire in the Clubhouse or anywhere on Club property unless specified as acceptable for a specific Member event (see Denim policy).  Members and guests in athletic attire, such as is worn for tennis, squash, or fitness, are not permitted in the following main floor areas: entrance hall, Reception room, Presidents’ room, Cocktail lounge/Garden room, and dining rooms.  Members and guests in swimming attire are not permitted anywhere in the Clubhouse, its terraces or adjacent areas.  Sneakers are not considered appropriate footwear for main floor dining or the Member’s Room.  Sports hats, such as baseball caps, are not considered suitable attire within the Clubhouse at any time.

Members or guests are not permitted to change clothes or shoes in any of the Club parking areas.

~Guest Conduct Policies ~
Members are requested to inform their guest(s) of our policies when visiting HVCC.

1. Guest should always utilize the locker room facilities (Please no changing of shoes, clothing etc. in parking lot)
2. Guests should always wear proper golf attire.
  • No jeans or athletic warm-up suits
  • Only non-penetrating spikes are allowed
  • Shorts are allowed if they are Bermuda length
  • No cargo pants or cargo shorts
3. Guests should be made aware of our no cell phone – no hat/cap policy in Clubhouse, 19th hole and locker room.  (Please use your discretion when using Cell phones in public areas)
4. Caddies, when available, can be requested from Pro Shop.
5. Practice range balls are available in the Pro Shop
6. Range balls are not to be used on the putting green for either putting or chipping 

For questions or directions please call the Pro Shop at 215 659-1584.

We hope you enjoy your day at Huntingdon Valley Country Club.