Dress Code

Members and their guests should be suitably attired when in the Clubhouse.  Country Club casual attire is appropriate for most dining. Country club casual can be described as a nice pair of slacks and a button down polo shirt with a pair of loafers would be an example of country club casual for men. It is comparable to business casual. Due to the ever changing nature of fashion, “country club casual” for women can be described as casual dresses, trousers or a skirt that is knee-length or longer for brunches, luncheons and casual dinners (before 7 p.m.). Light fabrics such as linen, silk, cotton and wool gabardine are best for day wear. Observe a stricter dress code for dinners or events after 7 p.m. Wear dresses, slacks and skirts of dressier fabrics and colors appropriate for the season and time of day.
Certain events, when noted, may require male members, male guests and male children, 16 and older, to wear a jacket and tie.  Member parties and functions will specify appropriate attire.  Children should be dressed comparably to their parents.  Members or guests not suitably attired may be refused service and asked to change clothing prior to being served.