Guest Information

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Golf Policies and Etiquette

We ask that you observe the policies of our Board of Directors to avoid a potentially embarrassing situation at the club for members, guests and staff. Thank you.

Locker Rooms: Upon arrival please check in with our Locker Room Attendants who will provide you with a guest locker and direct you to the Caddie Master. Please do not use the parking areas to change clothing or shoes.

Attire: Members and guests should always wear proper attire when using the golf course and practice facilities. Collared shirts are required for men and must be tucked in at all times. Women may wear shirts and tops out if it fits the style of their outfit. Golf Hats should be worn in the traditional manner (bill forward) and never inside. Cargo pants or shorts are never permitted. Shorts and Skorts must be Bermuda length. Women’s tank tops, tennis length skirts, tight fitting apparel, athletic warm-up suits and denim of any kind or color are not permitted.

Cell Phones: Mobile devices and cell phones are only permitted to be used in your vehicle and the locker rooms.

Pace of Play: All rounds are expected to be played in four hours or less. Faster groups, regardless of size, should always be allowed to play through. Please do your part to make sure your group meets this expectation. Play Without Delay!

Care for the Course: We expect all players to care for the course in a manner that leaves the grounds better than they found them. This includes not only fixing your own ball mark but others as well, replacing divots, raking the trap to ensure a smooth surface for those playing behind and ensuring that any damage created by you, your equipment or your ball is repaired immediately.

Tipping: Gratuities to our service team are permitted for excellent service and very much appreciated. Please see a manager if you have any questions.

Clubhouse Dress Code

Members and their guests should be suitably attired when in the Clubhouse. Country Club casual attire is appropriate for most dining.


Country Club Casual: Comparable to business casual. (Example: Nice pair of slacks and a button down polo shirt with a pair of loafers.) Due to the ever changing nature of fashion, “country club casual” for women can be described as casual dresses, trousers or a skirt that is knee-length or longer for brunches, luncheons and casual dinners (before 7 pm). Light fabrics such as linen, silk, cotton and wool gabardine are best for day wear. Observe a stricter dress code for dinners or events after 7 pm. Wear dresses, slacks and skirts of dressier fabrics and colors appropriate for the season and time of day.

Special Event Attire: Certain events, when noted, may require male members, male guests and male children, 16 and older, to wear a jacket and tie. Member parties and functions will specify appropriate attire.

Children and Guests: Children should be dressed comparably to their parents. Members or guests not suitably attired may be refused service and asked to change clothing prior to being served.

Non-suitable Attire: Any and all jeans, or clothing of jean-like material, are not considered suitable attire in the Clubhouse or anywhere on Club property unless specified as acceptable for a specific Member event. Sneakers (unless on small children), sports hats on male members and guests (such as baseball caps), and bare midriffs are not considered appropriate attire within the Clubhouse at any time.

Athletic Attire: Proper golf attire is permitted anywhere in the club. Proper racquet sports attire (tennis, paddle and squash-please refer to page 7 “Racquet Sports”) is permitted in the Pub and Pub terrace only (unless there is a specific Club event elsewhere in the Club which specifies athletic attire). Members and guests in swimming attire are not permitted anywhere in the Clubhouse, its terraces or adjacent areas.

*Members or guests are not permitted to change clothes or shoes in any of the Club parking areas.*