Dress Code

The following dress code reflects the spirit of our private country club and works to ensure a wonderful experience for all who enjoy the Club. We hope that all members and their guests dress in a tasteful and appropriate manner, as would be expected at a country club. Please remember that your appearance not only reflects on you but affects those around you. Members and their guests should be in suitable attire when in the Clubhouse. Country Club casual/business attire is appropriate for most dining. Country Club/Business Casual consists of a nice pair of slacks and a collared shirt or turtleneck sweater. For women, a casual dress, trousers or an appropriate length skirt would be acceptable. 

Male Country Club Casual: 

  • All golf shirts must have a collar or mock collar. Shirts must be tucked in at all times.
  • Dress pants or golf pants permitted.
  • Traditional Bermuda shorts are permitted.
  • All hats, visors and caps must be worn with bills to the front and outdoors only.
  • Only approved golf shoes with soft spikes are permitted.
  • Only approved tennis shoes for our courts are permitted.
  • Cargo pants, denim pants, athletic shorts, and sweat clothes are prohibited golf or tennis attire.
  • The changing of attire must be done in the locker rooms.

Female Country Club Casual: 

  • Golf shirts may have short sleeves, long sleeves, or may be sleeveless (but must have a collar). Shirts without collars must have sleeves.
  • Any type of tank top or halter top is not permitted.
  • Traditional Bermuda shorts, golf skirts, and culottes must be no shorter than mid-thigh as measured while standing.
  • Neatness in dress is always a prerequisite and extremely important.
  • Denim jeans, cargo pants, athletic shorts, and sweat clothes are prohibited golf or tennis attire.
  • Only approved golf shoes with soft spikes are permitted.
  • The changing of attire must be done in the locker room.

Special Event Attire: Certain events, when noted, may require male Members, male guests and male children, 16 and older, to wear a jacket and tie. Member parties and functions will specify appropriate attire. If you, or a guest, is without a jacket and/or tie when it is required for an event you will be provided with some of our House apparel for the duration of the event.  If it is not returned, the member’s account will be charged for the cost of the item(s).

Children and Guests: Children should be dressed comparably to their parents.  Members or guests are not permitted to change clothes or shoes in any of the Club parking areas. The changing of attire must be done in the locker rooms. Tee Shirts, sweat suits, sweatpants or sweatshirts, long or short cargo pants and spandex may not be worn in the Clubhouse

Athletic Attire: Proper golf attire is permitted anywhere on the Club premises. Proper racquet sports attire is permitted in the Huntingdon Pub and Pub Patio only (unless there is a specific Club event elsewhere in the Club which specifies athletic attire).  Members and guests in swimming attire are not permitted anywhere in the Clubhouse, its terraces or adjacent areas.

Relaxed Dress Code:  The dress code may be relaxed in the case of special parties (e.g., a costume party) or events, but only when the announcement of such events specifies that the dress may vary from the customary policy. Men's hats may not be worn on the upper level of the Club House. Sweat suits, sweat pants or sweat shirts, long or short cargo pants and spandex are not permitted in the main level of the clubhouse. Members should inform their guest of proper dress code in advance.

Fitness Attire:  Sleeveless tees or tank tops must be in good taste, no bare midriffs. Appropriate athletic shoes are required and no open toed shoes are permissible. Black-soled or marking shoes are not allowed on squash courts.  Members are encouraged to use discretion regarding their attire when entering the Clubhouse and dining areas in Fitness Attire, especially post-activity.

Denim Policy: Unless otherwise specified, properly fitted neat denim that is not faded, torn or has holes may be worn year-round in all areas of the Club, except the golf course. A collared shirt neatly tucked in or appropriately tailored shirt (such as “UNTUCKit” or “Tommy Bahama” styles) may be worn not tucked in. 

Swimwear:  Swimwear is to be worn in the pool area only and members should dress modestly. Thong bikini style swimwear is not permitted.  No bathing attire is permitted when entering or exiting the main Clubhouse.